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Animonster Comic School & Creativity ( Sekolah Komik)
Animonster Comic School & Creativity ( Sekolah Komik)
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Animonster Comic School & Creativity ( Sekolah Komik)


How do you turn a passion for comics, movie and games into a life-long career?

Acolyte & Animonster School is a training centre for they who want to be international-class comic artists, illustrators and animators or creative entrepreneur. The School was purposely established by affiliation of several publishing companies, animation and illustration studios, and even education institutions, in order to fulfil art and entertainment industry necessities for hi-quality workforces. Legally established at 2001 as Comicon, Acolyte & Animonster School was a merge of several comic and art courses that had already existed since 1997 and currently well known as the only comic school in Indonesia that was established by professional corporations and emphasized to commercial art. Supervised by industry professionals, 100% hands-on practical, the programmes prepare students for the persistence of the art and entertainment industry.

The programme prepares student for a professional career in the Comics, Illustration, Game and Computer Graphics ( CG) Arts industries. Students will be trained with the essence of 2D and 3D animation and learn the essential application techniques to stand out as professional. Our computer programmes are developed by Indonesian Animation & Content Industry Association ( AINAKI) and BiNus ( Bina Nusantara) Center, the authorized training centre under Bina Nusantara University Jakarta. All graduate students from computer class will be certified by Bina Nusantara Centre.

Acolyte & Animonster School also have collaboration with some university and college such as Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore as Referral Partner for their sole agent, and New Zealand’ s National College of Design Technology ( NATCOLL) as authorized representative.

Master Trainers

The master trainers are the founders that contribute their skill and knowledge, and arrange the curriculum of the school based upon their professional experiences and observation toward many commercial art schools in USA, UK and Japan. Our master trainers' perpetual experiences in international business and education have already generated many graduates that have already built their career, not only in Indonesia but even foreign countries.

• Mr. Nobuyuki Oku, Japanese consultant for Japanese companies in Indonesia and one of the founders of Industrial Support Service Indonesia. His experience in education was proven by his position as native lecturer at several Indonesian university and head of Acolyte’ s Japan Language & Culture Division. He is also Japanese Language lesson book writer that have already published in Indonesia.

• Mr. Yue Sheng Shi ( Tan Yue Er) , is in charge as director of Acolyte Publishing Inc. ( licensee of Kodansha, Ltd. Japan) and art-director of Acolyte Illustration Factory. Many of his art used as ad-prints illustration in USA, Korea and Thailand. Teaching comic and illustration since 2000 and have many successful apprentices at comic & illustration industry. His art has been featured in Exotique 4 : The World’ s Best CG Characters by Ballistic Publishing Australia and STREET FIGHTER Tribute by UDON & CAPCOM USA.

• Mr. Denny A. Djoenaid, professional animator graduated from and worked for Yotsuya Studio, Tokyo and Richard Williams Studio London, UK with Art Babbitts, Walt Disney Studio senior animator as his tutor. Nowadays, he is the director of Denny Animation and Chairman of Indonesian Animation and Content Industries Association ( AINAKI) . His works was determined as advertisement animation for Gery, KFC, PaddlePop, Chiki, Nestle, Kebbler, Campina and more.

Founder Companies :

o Megindo Tunggal Sejahtera, PT.
Indonesian Publisher that publish monthly magazines reputed as bestseller in Indonesia, such as Animonster, Cinemags, Gamestation, Kiddo, Gadget , Macworld and many bestseller illustrated books and local comics that have been already rated by AC. Nielsen as ‘ Indonesia’ s best teen magazine’ . The company have performed many events related to comics, animation, cinema and computer games, including annual event such as WCG, ESWC, IGS and INAICTA. Member of IKAPI.

Monthly Magazines:

• Animonster Magazine : AC Nielsen’ s Best Teen Magazine. ( 50, 000 copies / month)
• Gamestation ( 50, 000 copies / month)
• Cinemags ( 50, 000 copies / month)
• Kiddo. Circulation ( 35, 000 copies/ month)
• Gadget. Circulation ( 35, 000 copies/ month)
• MacWorld ( 50, 000 copies / month)

Events :

• Annual Events
o Indonesian Game Show ( up to 250, 000 attendants/ year)
o Indonesian Information & Communication Technology Award ( INAICTA)
o ESWC Indonesia ( Electronic Sports World Cup)
o WCG Indonesia ( World Cyber Games) & WGT ( World Gamemaster Tournament)
o Animonster Matsuri ( up to 15, 000 attendants/ year)
o Indonesia-Japan Matsuri
o Student Mart with Ciputra Mall

Also a holding company for :
• Megindo Communications, a branding consultant
• Vega Hobby Shop, toys importer and distributor
• IndoMOG ( Indonesian Multipayment Online Gateway company)
• Angelsfrag ( Association of National Games & Electronics Sport) supported by Ministry of Communications & Technologies.
• Animonster School is Megindo’ s independent business unit.

More Info : www.megindo.net, www.angelfrag.com, www.inaicta.web.id, www.indomog.com

o Acolyte Publishing, Inc.
Licensed manga publisher and license holder of manga publisher Kodansha Ltd. and Penguin Shobo Inc. Japan. Specializing in world bestseller and exclusive manga publications such as CHOBITS, Love Hina and Fuku-Fuku. Also a license business consultant for companies want to obtain Japanese and Western comics with agent located in Vietnam and Spain. Acolyte Publishing, Inc. is a sister company of Megindo Tunggal Sejahtera, PT.

o Acolyte Illustration Factory
Illustrator Agency that provides illustration services and illustrator management with market including South Korea, China, USA, Australia and Thailand. The agency is a joint forces and representation of several studios in China that have already worked for world-class game developer companies including Volta Creations Quebec and Sony Online Entertainment.

o Acolyte Design Contractor
Design Agency that provides one-stop multi-design services, including branding, graphic design, illustration, photography, multimedia, animation, promotion, architecture and interiors, construction and printing The agency is a joint forces and representation of several companies, that is: Megindo Communications, Rakta Architecture & Interior, Bacteria Photography and Acolyte Illustration Factory.

o Denny Animation
Animation company that already held many advertisement project from many reputable Indonesian and foreign brands, such as Nestle, Campina, Kebbler and more.

o Industrial Support Service Indonesia, PT.
Native Japanese Business Consultant for Japanese companies and industries in Indonesia. All members are Japanese with more than 20 years of experiences.


• WACOM Indonesia ( PT. Datascript)
• Lyto Datarindo Fortuna ( Game Online provider : Ragnarok Online, RF ONline)
• BiNus ( Bina Nusantara) Center, Bina Nusantara University’ s authorized training center
• Global Art Lippo Cikarang
• Erudio School of Life, Photography & creativity school for children.
• Dante Coffee Shop
• A Plus Study Center
• Will’ s Consultancy Pte, Ltd., Singapore

Notable Education Clients:
• Highscope International Jakarta ( Primary School)
• SLTP BPK Penabur 1 Bandung
• SLTP Bina Bakti Bandung

Branch Offices & Classes :

o Art Classes

• Animonster School: Jl. Dr. Rajiman no. 23, Woodcamp, Bdg
• A Plus Study Center Jl. Jend. Sudirman no. 210 Bandung.
• Global Art Lippo Cikarang : Galeria Singaraja Blok B no. 8
• Erudio School of Life : Cipete Raya no. 15d, Cilandak, Jakarta ( Children Only)

o Pilot Class ( kelas perintis)

• Lyto Game Online Indonesia : Kelapa Gading Mall 3 Fashion Hub, 2nd Floor, Jakarta
• Honeymoon Dessert Kelapa Gading Mall 3, Jakarta
• 24 Café Sarinah Thamrin ( moved )
• Dante Coffee Shop VIP Room Ciputra Mall

o Computer Lab

• BiNus Center Sports Mall, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
• BiNus Center KH. Syahdan Palmerah, Jakarta
• BiNus Center Grogol Jakarta
• BiNus Center Bintaro Jakarta
• BiNus Center Ciumbuleuit Bandung

____________________________________________________MANU AL ARTS PROGRAMMES ( > 15 y.o. )

No. Program Total Level Hours/ Level
1. Professional Comic Artist 9 to 12 36 hours
2. Professional Illustrator 9 to 12 36 hours
3. Manga Class 6 36 hours

( 6-12 years old)

No. Program Total Level Hours/ Level
1. Animation for Kids ( 8 -12 y.o.) 4 18 to 24 hours
2. Comic for Kids ( 6-12 y.o.) 6 18 to 24 hours
3. Creativity for Success ( 6-12 y.o.) 6 18 to 24 hours

( Sertifikat Binus Center)

No. Program Duration

1. Vector Art Illustration w/ Adobe Illustrator & Corel 48 hours
2. Digital Painting w/ Photoshop & Painter 60 hours
3. Coloring & Digital Imaging w/ Photoshop 24 hours
4. 3D Modeling with MAYA 102 hours
5. 3D Modeling with 3D MAX 114 hours
6. 3D Modeling with Z Brush 36 hours
7. Adobe Premiere & After Effect 27 hours


No. Program Duration

1. Chinese Painting 36 hours / level
3. International Art & Design School Portfolio Development 36 hours / level


No. Program Duration

1. Noryoku Shiken Lv. 4-Lv.2 ( Certified Instructor) Depend on Level
2. Japanese for Manga 48 hours / level
3. Reguler Japanese Language Course 48 hours / level

Pendaftaran dapat dilakukan pada instruktur yang standby di Citraland hari Sabtu Pk. 11.00-13.00 ( dengan perjanjian) . Untuk Informasi dan janji temu, hubungi / sms 081931237431 ( MKG) / 08170255703 ( Citraland) / 022-4235750 atau animonsterschool@ gmail.com. Untuk kelas animasi dan digital painting diadakan di Binus Center KH Syahdan ( pendaftaran via e-mail atau pos atau ke instruktur yang stand by, kontak nomor diatas) dan tidak termasuk program makan gratis. Kelas komputer / animasi dimulai setelah pelunasan dan terdapat minimal 5 orang siswa.

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